No. of 6s Hit  Each Team after Round 5 | ICC Men’s CWC23, India

Boundaries play a decisive role putting the opponent under-pressure. 4s and 6s are crucial for posting big totals upfront and they are also prove lethal during the run-chase. Not many teams play aggressively but South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India  are proving their aggressive approach in the CW23. ICC Men’s CWC23 have also seen some magnificent hitting in the first 25 games with SA, NZ and AUS are feeling the heat during the tournament.. 

Every team has played their 5 matches of the tournament and smashed dozens of boundaries. At the end of the 25th game of ICC CWC23, 321 sixes have been hit at an average of 12.84 sixes per match. Rohit Sharma from the host nation of ICC Men’s CWC 2023 is the  leading six-hitter of CWC23 with 17 sixes in his five innings in the event. 

All ten teams playing ICC CWC23 have hit 6s but SA is on top with 59 sixes in thier first five games played against NED, SL, AUS, ENG and BAN. They have smashed 11.80 sixes/match most by any team in their five games. Klaasen and de Kock are leading from the front with 15 sixes each to their names. They are the 2nd and 3rd on the list of the most sixes hit by batters in CWC23. Moverover, de Kock is the leading run-scorer of the tournament too. Further, he’s the highest individual scorer of the CWC23 as well.

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The next in the queue of the most sixes are NZ who are in their sublime form right from the game one. NZ have won 4 out of their 5 initial games only beaten by India. They have hit 42 sixes in their initial 5 games averaging 8.40 6s/innings in the ICC CWC 2023. Daryll Mitchell is the 6th highest six-hitter of the ICC CWC 2023, India. He has hit eleven 6s so far in this Men’s CWC 23.

The 3rd on the list is AUS with 41 sixes averaging 8.20 per innings. David Warner  is leading AUS from the front with thirteen 6s in 5 innings so far in ICC Men’s WC 2023, India. AUS have hit only 7 sixes in their first 3 games and remain at the bottom of the table but they have been truly sensational in their last 2 games against PAK and NED with 34 sixes in two games.

The fourth in the row are India. They are the only unbeaten team in the ICC WC23. The host of ICC Men’s CWC23 event are goingly smoothly till now. The Indian opener and the hitman, Rohit Sharma, who is known as the six-hitting machine is the highest 6 hitter of the tournament. With his seventeen 6s, India have scored 35 sixes in all averaging 7.00/innings. R Sharma has hit 40  sixes in his 23 innings till now in the ICC Cricket Worldcups. Moreover, he needs 10 more sixes to cross Chris Gayle’s record of most Sixes in ICC ODI CWC. He has smashed 49 in 34 innings.

Sri Lanka are not far behind in the list and stand at 5th with the 33 sixes in their 5 games of ICC CWC23. Their average is 6.60 sixes per innings. Undoubtedly, SL’s Top-Order batter and their skipper Kusal Mendis has hit 14 sixes in his 5 innings. They are also standing at 5 in the ICC Men’s CWC 2023 Point’s Table with only 2 victories to their name out of 5.

Bangladesh are  at 6th in the list with 25 sixes in 5 games averaging 5.00. Mahmudullah is the prominent BAN Tiger with nine 6s. BAN are also at the verge of getting knocked out as they only manage single victory over AFG in their opening match. They have lost 4 consecutive matches in the ICC ODI CWC23 and the next loss will definitely tear down their remaining hopes.

Pakistan are at 7th in the list of the most sixes of ICC Men’s CWC 2023. So far, in their five games, they have hit 24 sixes averaging 4.80. The Pakistani openner, Abdullah Shafique, leads his side in the six-hitting competition with 7 sixes to his name. PAK are struggling after their first 2 games but 3 consecutive losses takes them to the 5th in the point’s table.  

The next in the list are the BazBall proclaimer England with only 24 sixes in 5 matches averaging 4.80 to their name. They are above AFG and NED in this competition. Surprisingly, DJ Malan and MA Wood have hit 5 sixes each in this ICC CWC23, India. They seem totally out of form here as they have been standing at 9th in the CWC 2023’s Point’s Table.

The uprising Afghan stand at the 2nd last in the SIX-hitting list as they have only managed 22 sixes so far in the tournament at the end of game no 25. Afghanistan have surprised Pakistan and England in their first five matches of ICC Men’s ODI Cricket WC23. They have only hit 22 sixes in 5 games averaging 4.40 sixes/innings. That’s why they stand at the 9th in the queue of most sixes in the CW23, India. Rehmanullah Gurbaz leading the AFG right from the front in the list with 8 sixes till now.

The Dutch are at the bottom of the list of the Most Sixes in ICC CWC2023 as they have only hit 16 sixes in their 5 games averaging 3.20 only. The surprise entrant to the Worldcup 2023 have stunned the hot-favourite’s SA which is their only victory in this contest. They’ve the least 6-hitting tendency which shows that they aren’t finding rhythm in the ICC WC 2023 that’s why thay stand at 10th in the ICC Cricket World Cup points Table. 

Tabular Analysis of the Teams with Most SIxes in CWC23

RankTeamNo of SixesCWC23 Points Table RankingBatter with Most SixesMost Runs by Batter
1stSA593rdQuinton de Kock (15)Quinton de Kock (407)
2ndNZ422ndDaryll Mitchell (11)Rachin Ravindra (290)
3rdAUS414thDavid Warner (13)David Warner (332)
4thIND351stRohit Sharma (17)Virat Kohli (354)
5thSL315thKusal Mendil (14)S Samarawickrama (293)
6th BAN258thMahmudullah (9)Mahmudullah (198)
7thPAK246thAbdullah Shafique (7)Muhammad Rizwan (302)
8thENG249thDJ Malan (5)DJ Malan (220)
9thAFG227thRehmanullah Gurbaz (6)Rehmanullah Gurbaz (148)
10thNED1610thAryan Dutt (4)SA Edwards (136)

The sixes are proving quite effective inthis CWC23 as first 4 teams with most sixes are on the top of the table. SA are setting huge total upfront and defending them quite ease. NZ are balanced in chasing and putting huge total. AUS have come to the top as their openers are finding rhythm in the last couple of games. On the other hand, Indian bowlers are restricting the opposition which is actually the key to success for them. They are the only unbeaten team that shows how good they are in their all three disciplines.

Quinton de Kock the leading run-scorer in the ICC CWC 23 is the only batter with 3 centuries to his name. Moreover, he’s the 2nd highest six-hitter after Rohit Sharma. Further, his power-hitting is crucial for his team in ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 as his failure in the match against NED cause to lose the match. 

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