Online World Cup 2023 ticket purchasing by fans resulted in absurdly long wait times, which infuriated them

Online World Cup 2023 ticket purchasing by fans resulted in absurdly long wait times, which infuriated them. From the perspective of the fans, the World Cup’s preparations have been anything but ideal. Resentment reached its peak on the evening of August 29, the day when tickets for India’s World Cup matches went on pre-sale for Mastercard users, after an unprecedented delay in the announcement of the tournament schedule disrupted fans’ travel plans.

At 6 p.m. Indian time, the tickets become available on BookMyShow, the World Cup’s official ticketing partner. In order to manage the large number of visitors, BookMyShow established a virtual queue system in which visitors were allowed entry to the booking portal according to the order in which they were received. But things didn’t go as planned.

Fans who logged on in anticipation were met with nothing but disappointment, including system crashes and what seemed like never-ending virtual waiting lines on the ticketing platform, as chaos broke out for a couple of hours.

Myra, a Mumbai-based fan, exclaimed, “Made me wonder if anyone even got tickets or if the whole thing was a scam!” She expressed her frustration at not being able to book four tickets for the India-Sri Lanka game scheduled to take place in her city on November 2: “The entire process seems to have been completely mismanaged. Why we are unable to access the portal or purchase tickets is not entirely clear.

“We were added to a queue at 6 o’clock, when the sale was supposed to begin. We were unable to access the portal at all after waiting for more than an hour. If the site crashed or the tickets sold out, they ought to have made it clear on their end.”

A Bangalore-based software engineer named Rohan attempted to make reservations for two venues Kolkata and Ahmedabad but was unsuccessful. He elaborated on the inconvenience of being forced to wait in lines with variable wait times: “When I first arrived at the platform to purchase India vs. Pakistan tickets, I was unable to do so. I also noticed that tickets for India vs. South Africa were sold out. This continued for about ten minutes. 

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