Pak or Aus Who Will Be In The Final Four Of The ICC World Cup 2023

Who will be in the final four Australia or Pakistan? Here is the complete analysis of the scenarios for both teams. How can Australia qualify and in what scenario will be possible for Pakistan to help them in qualification for the Semis? 

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 is following the round-robin format which is the most difficult format for teams to stay in the contest. Each team has to face the other teams participating in the tournament.  10 teams are participating in CWC23 and the top four teams will qualify for the Semi-Finals. So, every team has to keep an eye on every aspect of the game. NRR is more important in such tournaments. There is a fair chance that more than one team will share an equal number of wins. And that is where the NRR comes into play. 

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Round 3 has been completed, and New Zealand and India are doing well. New Zealand is leading the table with 4 out of 4 wins while India, the hosts are behind them with 6 points. These two teams are unbeaten. South Africa is at number 3 and Pakistan is at 4 with two wins each. England is at 5 and Australia is down the table with 2 points and a bad NRR at the moment.

The top two positions are confirmed, New Zealand and India will qualify for the Semi-Final unless something very awful happens to these teams. They have better NRR with no loss in the previous game so they are better placed for the final four.

South Africa, Pakistan, England, and Australia will be playing for the remaining two spots. South Africa has got better run rate as compared to the other teams. England lost to Afghanistan which has badly affected their World Cup campaign. But in this article, we will talk about Australia and Pakistan’s Scenario of qualification.

The first scenario is that the match between Australia and Pakistan will be very crucial for both teams. Whoever wins it, the qualification for the Semi-Final will become easier for that team. If Pakistan wins, it will be almost curtains for Australia in the World Cup. They will have to win all the remaining fixtures to qualify. On the other hand, if Australia wins, Pakistan will still have a chance to qualify for the final four.

Australia can fancy its chances as their remaining fixture is comparatively easier. After Pakistan, the only two teams England and New Zealand that can give a tough time to Australia. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands are easier oppositions. 

On the other hand, Pakistan has to face tough oppositions in the upcoming games. After Australia, they will have to face Afghanistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand and England. So, Pakistan must register a win against Australia in the next game.

Pak vs Aus Head to Head Record ICC World Cup History

In head to head records, Australia is dominating Pakistan. In their last 10 World Cup enounters, Australia have won 6 matches. But 4 wins out of 10 is not a bad result. So, a fair chance for both teams in this match. 

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