PAK vs AUS: Pakistani players who slept in the locker room will be fined

PAK vs AUS: Pakistani players who slept in the locker room will be fined. Stricter rules have been implemented for players by the Pakistan cricket team management during their current Australian tour.

Known for his thorough approach, national team director Mohammad Hafeez has implemented new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with a zero-tolerance attitude on inactivity. Players who are seen sleeping in the changing room will be fined $500.

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Some players who weren’t in the starting lineup reportedly slept in the locker room during the previous administration’s tenure.

The players have been instructed by the new team management to sleep at the hotel rather than the stadium, though.

Some players have reportedly expressed irritation with the new restrictions, comparing their strictness to those of the Under-16 team, despite the fact that they are meant to foster professionalism and focus. Informal conversations among players, according to sources, indicated dissatisfaction with what they viewed as a lack of privacy and trust.

Hafeez, who went by the moniker “Professor” due to his emphasis on discipline, defended the SOPs by highlighting how important it is to uphold high standards during a pivotal tour. According to reports, he advised players to avoid coming out as drowsy or uninterested in public.

The cricketing community is debating this recent development. Some agree with Hafeez’s strong position, saying that success requires a higher level of professionalism. Some, meanwhile, express worries about the possible effects on player autonomy and morale.

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