Pakistan suffers a serious setback as important players suffers viral illness

Pakistan suffers a serious setback as important players suffer viral illness. Pakistan’s national cricket team’s preparations for the ICC World Cup 2023 have been thrown into chaos due to the viral chest infections that have struck numerous important players, raising questions and creating delays in the run-up to the competition.

This situation for the Pakistan team is much worse because all of them are key players for Pakistan and no better alternative of these players is available in the Pakistan team. 

Four to five players have a severe chest infection, which is causing high fevers and illness, according to sources close to the club.

Among those afflicted is Usama Mir, who battled the illness for five days before being quarantined as a precaution. Thankfully, every medical test that was performed on Mir produced negative findings, with the exception of COVID-19 and dengue. Mir has allegedly recovered well and is once again eligible for selection.

Reports state that Shaheen Shah Afridi contracted a bacterial virus. To aid with his recuperation, he sought medical attention, including drips of antibiotics. After Naseem Shah, this is a great shock for the Pakistani team because Shaheen is one of the major bowlers of Pakistan.

Abdullah Shafique also passed away from a very high temperature; medical professionals are currently monitoring his health.

To make matters worse for the squad, Zaman Khan also became one of those afflicted by a viral virus. The media manager for the National Team revealed that despite these difficulties, Mir and other cricket players are making progress and are expected to recover.

The seriousness of the matter became apparent when the national players’ health concerns forced the cancellation of today’s practice.

How this unanticipated setback would affect Pakistan’s preparations for the ICC World Cup 2023, which is rapidly approaching, is still to be seen.

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