Pakistan Teams Visas for the ICC World Cup 2023 India Has Been Approved by India Govt

Good news for cricket fans as the Indian Ministry for visas has approved Pakistan teams squad and official members visas a few hours ago. The legendary sports journalist, Vikrant Gupta has revealed this important news from the Sportstak platform on their official news channel. Remember that Pakistan squad and team’s management had submitted their passports for approval on 19th September. 

According to the Indian laws a visa has to be approved from three different departments which is the main reason for the delay. Now Pakistan teams and officials are allowed to travel India. 

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Pakistani cricket teams will leave on Wednesday for Dubai and after that they will land in Hyderabad, India on the same day. It will be difficult for the Pakistan team to land in India just a few days before their warmup match against New Zealand. 

Pakistan got their visas on Monday. The 33-member contingent led by Babar Azam is scheduled to reach Hyderabad via Dubai on Wednesday. 

Remember that the Pakistan team and official members were planning to have a meeting in Dubai for two days before leaving for Hyderabad, but now the plan has been cancelled due to visa delay. 

Pakistan is not the only team facing visa approval problems as Afghanistan also got their cricket team visa approved today. The big question is why the delay happened in the case of Pakistan and Afghanistan as ICC is responsible for guaranteeing every participant. 

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also involved the International Cricket Council (ICC). And ICC assured that the team will get their visas today which are finally approved. A good news for cricket fans. 

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