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Pakistan’s 2023 ODI World Cup uniform faces criticism. Pakistan’s anticipated uniform design has sparked a debate as interest in the impending ODI World Cup 2023 grows. It has been claimed that the design, which was recently released by a sports journalist, was stolen and utilised without giving the original artist’s work any credit.

The kit design, which at first received praise for its distinctive and eye-catching aesthetics, is currently the focus of a contentious discussion on social media. A Twitter user claimed that the design was stolen from his friend’s work rather than being an original invention of the sports page that introduced it.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sponsored a competition for kit concepts last year, and the Twitter user said that his friend’s first conceptualization of the design was used for that contest.

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The design was not shared; rather, @ChangeofPace414 or whoever made it stole it, according to the tweet. My friend @GraphicsGhous_ originally came up with this idea/design for the PCB concept kit competition last year. Do your homework before posting, @_FaridKhan.

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If these accusations are confirmed to be accurate and the PCB continues to utilise the same design for the World Cup kit, it may encounter harsh criticism for possibly appropriating an artist’s work without giving them proper credit. The event has dampened the anticipation for the forthcoming ODI World Cup in 2023, and it is unclear how the PCB would react to these allegations.

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, posed in the new uniform while sporting a bat and glove, according to fan-edited images. Since there hasn’t been a formal announcement from PCB, Babar Azam’s appearance appears to have changed. 

It won’t be incorrect to argue that the photographs are merely fan conceptions and not the genuine World Cup jerseys worn in Karachi. Although there is no guarantee that a permanent replacement will be in place by the start of the series, the PCB confirmed that a new coach will be announced “in due course.” The person who will take Mark Coles’ place will be revealed soon.

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