Peshawar Zalmi is not happy with the PSL 9 schedule

Peshawar Zalmi is not happy with the PSL 9 schedule.Peshawar Zalmi has voiced dissatisfaction with the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) recently disclosed schedule for the ninth season. The team expressed its displeasure, expressing doubts and concerns regarding the distribution of games.

Peshawar Zalmi stated in an official statement that they had looked forward to the opportunity to host PSL matches. The team’s management is discouraged because the present schedule hasn’t lived up to their expectations.

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The franchise expressed dissatisfaction with the scheduling procedure, claiming that their suggestions were not given enough weight and that this undermined their confidence in the product’s release. The distribution of just four matches in Rawalpindi and one match in Karachi, which greatly differs from their original expectations, has especially displeased Peshawar Zalmi.

Due to their large fan base, Peshawar Zalmi had aggressively tried to sway decisions even before the schedule was formally announced. They had asked for three matches to be held in Karachi and five in Rawalpindi. They asked for a rescheduling of matches to the other two venues and a reduction in the four matches that were originally slated for Lahore after the schedule was released.

The team is asking for the schedule to be reevaluated in order to better meet their expectations, and they have formally expressed their complaints and concerns to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Given their crucial role in marketing and popularizing the PSL, Peshawar Zalmi stressed the need for the PCB to properly consider the interests of all franchises in the scheduling process. 

Peshawar Zalmi has stated that they plan to participate in PSL 9, but they also want to keep protesting till their issues are resolved.

The PCB’s Lahore headquarters will host the opening of the ninth season of the Pakistan Super League on February 17, 2024. The season will consist of 34 T20 matches spread across four cities and six teams.

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