Prior to the Asia Cup and World Cup, Rohit Sharma Cknowledges the No. 4 ODI Spot for India as a Problem

Prior to the Asia Cup and World Cup, Rohit Sharma acknowledges the No. 4 ODI spot for India as a problem. Since Yuvraj Singh’s retirement, no batter has been able to successfully occupy the crucial number four position in the Indian ODI side, according to India skipper Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma, the captain, highlighted his concerns about the situation ahead of the World Cup. He claimed that no one has been able to secure the key fourth slot in the Indian ODI cricket team since Yuvraj Singh retired.

The Indian squad is having trouble finding a suitable player for the No. 4 position with the 50-over World Cup less than two months away, which was also an issue in the previous 2019 edition, which was played in England. After a protracted injury break, Shreyas Iyer played well in 20 matches at No. 4, scoring 805 runs at an average of 47.35, including two centuries and five fifties.

“Look, we’ve had a problem with No. 4 for a long time. Since Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh), no one has arrived and made a home there. But Shreyas (Iyer) has actually been batting at No. 4 for a while, and he has done well. His statistics are excellent,” Rohit told reporters outside of a La Liga match in this city.

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“Unfortunately, injuries have caused him some difficulties; he has missed some time, and to be really honest, that is what has transpired over the past 4-5 years. There will always be a new player there because many of these players are injured, he remarked.

The captain of India claimed that the team’s frequent key player injuries ultimately hurt them.

“In the last 4-5 years, there have been a significant number of injuries. What I have to say about number four is that you attempt doing other things with different players when the players are injured or unavailable. I was keeping an eye on things even before I was the captain, right? There were a tonne of guys coming and going. However, illnesses prevented them from going, they were unavailable, or someone lost form,” Rohit continued.

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