PSL9: Shahid Afridi discusses Haris Rauf's lost bowling ability 

PSL9: Shahid Afridi discusses Haris Rauf’s lost bowling ability. Former Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi has spoken out regarding the latest dip in form experienced through speedy bowler Haris Rauf for the duration of the continued Pakistan exquisite League (PSL) season nine. Afridi pressured the significance of providing comprehensive assistance and mentorship to Rauf at some point of this challenging length.

In a current interview with a local information channel, Afridi highlighted the want to avoid sidelining Rauf and rather focus on providing him the essential guidance and help to assist him regain his bowling prowess.

“Right now, Haris Rauf seems to be suffering with his bowling, and i’m not quite know-how it. He needs sincere assist at this moment, the steering of seniors is necessary because we should not sideline him absolutely,” Afridi said.

Afridi recognized Rauf’s potential and his prior contributions to the success of the national team. The brilliant bowler is capable of much more.

“He has represented Pakistan with some outstanding performances. That boy’s longer-format cricketing career will only get better. He will naturally get better at bowling when he plays four-day cricket, but for now, Afridi said, he needs our help.

Since the 2023 World Cup, Rauf’s performance has drastically decreased, and his problems have carried over into the current PSL campaign. Rauf gave up 38 runs in three overs in the first game against Islamabad United, while he only took one wicket in the second game against Quetta Gladiators despite giving up 47 runs.

Teams are engaged in intense competition for the prized trophy as PSL season nine progresses. Quetta Gladiators are now top of the table after four games played, having won two of them.

In the future, the remaining games will decide which four teams, out of the top four, advance to the PSL 9 playoffs. With the help of his teammates and mentors, Haris Rauf is hoping to find his form again, and as the competition goes on, all eyes will be on him.

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