R Ashwin Speaks Out Regarding 2023 ODI World Cup Not Being Considered

R Ashwin Speaks Out Regarding 2023 ODI World Cup Not Being Considered. Ravichandran Ashwin made a stunning comeback to the game’s shortest format at the 2022 T20 World Cup. Ashwin earned a spot in the Indian T20 World Cup squad by relying on his performance in the Indian Premier League. 

Even though such a return to the 50-over format can’t be completely ruled out, it doesn’t appear that the selectors have the off-spinner in mind for this year’s ODI World Cup. When questioned about his absence from the one-day format, particularly in light of the World Cup, Ashwin responded that he had long ago made the decision not to give such thoughts any mental room.

When asked if being passed over for the ODI World Cup selection affected him, Ashwin responded, “I don’t think like that, because the selection of the team is not my job.”

“I had made the decision a long time ago not to think about things that are not in my hand. In an interview with the Times of India, Ashwin added, “I am honestly in a very good place in terms of my life and my cricket, and I try to keep negativity away from my mind process.

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Even though he is not a member of the team, the 36-year-old stated that he normally does not believe in leaving any tasks “unfinished,” but he does want to see India win the ODI World Cup once more.

“I have no unfinished business; I live for the day. But it’s true even though I’m not participating that I would want to see India win the World Cup once more.

It was also brought up that Ashwin had previously mentioned that he had thought about retiring in an interview. The seasoned spinner discussed the remark in detail and updated the audience on his present state of mind.

“I believe you are combining two ideas. I didn’t think about retiring because of my injury. I was unsure of how I would recover from it because I am not an authority on my body, which was probably another factor. My career was then unclear, and I was simply thinking in those terms. It is extremely simple to think negatively, and during that particular moment, I believe I believed I would never be able to recover. I just want to be clear that it was just a thought. However, I feel like I am bowling and hitting extremely well right now, and I have a tonne of experience under my belt.” he said. 

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