Rohit Sharma, irritated by the India-Pakistan question at the World Cup squad announcement, said, "I won't answer these questions."

Rohit Sharma, irritated by the India-Pakistan question at the World Cup squad announcement, said, “I won’t answer these questions.” When a reporter inquired about the “atmosphere” surrounding India-Pakistan games during a press conference to reveal India’s 2023 World Cup roster, Rohit Sharma was clearly irritated.

At the halfway point of the Asia Cup, on September 5, in Sri Lanka, India revealed their World Cup roster. At a press conference, chief selector Ajit Agarkar and India captain Rohit Sharma revealed the team.

Tilak Varma and Prasidh Krishna, who were in the Asia Cup squad but were not selected for the World Cup, were among the 15-member team, which followed the expected lines.

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Rohit and Agarkar were questioned regarding the balance of the squad, player selection, and non-selection, as well as the “atmosphere” surrounding India-Pakistan games.

“Whenever India plays against Pakistan, if India aren’t able to do well, an environment is created,” the reporter said in the opening of his question to Rohit.

The media manager cut the reporter off to explain that this press conference was for the World Cup. He persisted that it was a World Cup question as he continued.

But as we saw in the 2015 and 2019 World Cups, we have performed well whenever we have faced Pakistan, he continued. What are your thoughts on the environment that has been shaped by the outside?

The question didn’t seem to please Rohit, and he appeared to be annoyed. How many times do I have to say this, he asked? Nothing that occurs outside has an impact on us. Our role is different. Our role isn’t to

Rohit continued by saying that he would not appreciate being asked such questions during press conferences during the World Cup. “And don’t ask me these questions at the World Cup, when we hold a press conference in India – “This environment, that,” etc. I won’t respond to these queries. Because continuing to discuss it makes no sense. We want to focus as a team on that specific issue because that is where our attention is right now, according to Rohit.

Because of the ongoing political tensions between India and Pakistan, the two nations no longer play bilateral cricket. As a result, their matches in multi-nation tournaments are eagerly awaited and, depending on the outcome, frequently elicit strong emotions from fans.

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