Sachin Tendulkar has predicted his four teams for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. In the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023, former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar offered his predictions for the semi-finalists.

Surprisingly, despite Pakistan’s standing, he does not believe they would get to the semifinals. Tendulkar predicted the semifinal results as the World Cup trophy was ceremoniously taken onto the field to kick off the event. He anticipates India repeating their historic 2011 performance at home based on his considerable cricketing knowledge.

“I certainly hope so, because our team is playing good cricket, and if the team continues to keep things simple and stick to the basics, they have the ammunition,” Tendulkar added.

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Tendulkar also gambled on Australia, highlighting their talented and well-rounded team. He thinks they stand a decent chance of reaching the semifinals.

“Same with Australia; I think they have a well-balanced team,” he continued.Additionally, Tendulkar noted that England might be a serious contender for a semi-final position.

“The third one, in my opinion, is England. Again, England has a really strong team, with both seasoned players and some fresh faces, he remarked.

Tendulkar also predicted that New Zealand would advance to the fourth semifinal. “New Zealand is my fourth choice for a team. They competed in the 2015 and 2019 championship games. If you look at their past performance, New Zealand has consistently performed well in world championships, and I predict they will reach the semifinals,” he said.

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