Semifinalists for the ICC World Cup 2023 are revealed by Virender Sehwag

Sehwag predicted four teams that will be the tournament’s top performers based on their distinctive playing philosophies.

For the 2018 ICC Cricket World Cup in India, which is slated to begin in October of this year, former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has revealed his top four choices.

In a recent interview, Sehwag applied his understanding of cricket to choose four teams that, given their distinct playing styles, he believes will do well in the competition.

India, Pakistan, Australia, and England are the four countries that Sehwag thinks would advance to the semifinals of the prestigious ICC ODI World Cup 2023, thanks to his sharp perception.

These are the semi-finalists, if I had to choose four teams: Australia, England, India, and Pakistan. Due to the unorthodox shots they use instead of conventional ones and the fact that these two teams are quite skilled at it, Australia and England will undoubtedly be present. The two visiting sides that can play better cricket in the subcontinent are England and Australia, according to Sehwag.

In October and November 2023, India will host the ICC World Cup, including 10 nations. The competition begins on October 5 and ends on November 19 with the championship game.

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