Shahid Afridi Expresses his Anger and Grief over, Shoaib Jutt’s Immoral Act that rages Social Media

Shahid Khan Afridi expresses his outrage over an immoral act by Shoaib Jutt. Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has come under scrutiny because of PAK 11’s unexpected  performance at the ICC ODI WC2023. There have been some speculations indicating that there is a rift between Babar and Zaka Ashraf, the chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board. 

In a Programme over PTV Sports “Chase On Hai”, Rashid Latif, the former Paksitani Wicket-keeper batter has pinpointed that Zaka Ashraf isn’t responding to Babar’s Calls and Messages. Legendary Star Cricketer, Boom Boom Shahid Afridi shows his concerns over the leaking private conversations on national TV after a Pakistani television broadcaster revealed an alleged WhatsApp conversation between Babar and himself during a show.

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Lala,  says that even though if someone (Rashid Latif) has earlier claimed that Zaka Ashraf isn’t responding and he himself has justified that the Captain of PCT, during their tour of CWC23 hasn’t called him so it’s always unpleasant and disrespectful to bring out someone’s personal conversation. He adds that in order to counter Lafit’s statement Shoaib Jutt and Waseem Badami took to such heights and bring forth these rubbish to support their stance.

Afridi further says that we are disrespecting our players by disclosing their private conversations. He adds to the fury by saying that Waseem Badami has claimed that Shoaib Jutt is asked by Zaka Ashraf to disclose all of the matter before media. 

On the other hand, MUshtaq Ahmed contributes that players should be critised over their performance. If you have nothing to discuss about themselves you don’t have rights to discuss their private life. PCB is there due to players and Babar Azam is our hero and will remain. Moreover, it’s really a very immoral act of disclosing someone’s private messages in front of Media.

Azhar Ali the former test cricketers and credible source asked the journalist whether he’s been granted by Babar to disclose his personal conversation or not then he said the journalists only need news to break else taking permissions. PJ Mir says that it’s totally wrong perception to breakout someone’s personal life.

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