T20 World Cup 2024 will use a stop clock

T20 World Cup 2024 will use a stop clock. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced dramatic changes that will see international limited-overs tournaments, including ODIs and Twenty20s, starting with the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup in 2024.

Following the introduction of a full test period last year, which saw the use of stopwatches in men’s limited-overs matches, the ICC has decided to make it a mandatory sport for all full-member ODIs and Twenty20s from June 1, 2024, onwards. 

The fielding team will receive two warnings for breaking the 60-second regulation, and the third infraction will result in a five-run penalty. Terms like “curing an injury” and “another batsman returning to the wicket” are included in the rule.

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In terms of tournament requirements, teams playing in the group stage and Super Eights must bowl at least five overs to tie the game, while the knockout tournament requires a minimum of over 10 in the second innings.

Looking ahead, the ICC has announced the qualifying criteria for the Twenty20 World Cup 2026, which sees India and Sri Lanka co-host. The top eight teams from the 2024 edition will be awarded automatic qualification, with additional places allocated to the next top-ranked sides according to the ICC Men’s T20I rankings.

These changes mark an important step towards increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of international minimum cricket, ensuring a smooth and structured tournament experience for players and fans alike.

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