The Chances for Australia in the Final Four if They Lose to Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup 2023

Australia the 5 times champion is in a spot of bother in the ICC World Cup 2023. Their qualification for the final four is in danger. The result of the match against Sri Lanka will decide their chances for the Semi-Finals of the tournament. Australia have already lost both of their initial matches against India and South Africa. Australia is at the bottom of the points table which is hard to believe. Today they will face a relatively easy team compared to India and South Africa. So, the probable situation for Australia will be as below.

  1. If They Lose Today Against Sri Lanka

The first situation is that if Australia loses to Sri Lanka in today’s encounter. Their chances will remain about 30% because they will have to face Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, England, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands. Even if they win all these matches there will be no straightforward qualification for Australia. They might be out of the World Cup due to run rate. 

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  1. If they win today against Sri Lanka but lose any of the remaining games

If Australia wins today but loses any of the remaining matches, the qualification criteria will remain the same. The run rate will come into play and Australia is at the bottom of the points tally due bad run rate. The net run rate after playing two matches is -1.846. So, qualification in this scenario won’t be a straightforward one for Australia.

  1. Winning all the remaining matches

If Australia manages to win all the remaining matches they will qualify without any run rate issue. 7 win is a straightforward ticket for Australia into the Semi-Final. 

  1. 6 Wins out of 9 Matches

If Australia wins 6 matches out of their 9 matches and ties with another team with 6 wins, then the measurement will be run rate. Any of the teams that have a better run rate will qualify for the Semi-Final of the World Cup.

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