Bollywood Stars and Cricket Legends Launch The World Cup Campaign

Waqar responded angrily to Ganguly’s criticism of Pakistan by saying, “You can say whatever you want.” This October, the India and Pakistan men’s sides will play one another in the championship ODI match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, reigniting their World Cup rivalry. 

The two teams have faced each other twice at ICC events (both in T20 World Cups) since their most recent matchup in the format at the 2019 edition, where India defeated Pakistan with ease. In the 2021 edition, Pakistan destroyed India by 10 wickets, but a Virat Kohli heroics gave India a four-wicket victory in Melbourne the following year.

Due to political difficulties between the two countries, matches between India and Pakistan have become increasingly infrequent over the past few years. The fact that they only compete against one another at ICC and Asia Cup competitions increases fan interest in both countries. It goes without saying that it is one of the most anticipated matches in cricket. The T20 World Cup encounter between India and Pakistan last year went down to the final ball, with India coming out on top in an exciting victory, but former India captain Sourav Ganguly felt the matches had been mostly “one-sided.”

“This game has received a lot of buzz, but the quality hasn’t been that great for a while because India continued winning one-sidedly. At the T20 World Cup in Dubai, Pakistan most likely defeated India for the first time, according to the former Indian.

Following the release of the 2023 Asia Cup schedule on Wednesday, veteran Pakistani bowler Waqar Younis was questioned over Sourav Ganguly’s remark. The legendary bowler, who frequently competed against Ganguly, opted not to respond to the statement directly but emphasised that it “doesn’t matter” who says what because an India-Pakistan match is of a magnitude that is greater than any other match.

The reporter named Ganguly and then remarked, “I don’t want to comment on that,” Waqar replied.

“I think our games have been good. In the 2021 T20 WC, Pakistan won a fairly one-sided match. However, the ones we missed were also rather close. You can say whatever you want, but India vs Pakistan matches are the biggest in the world. No one’s remarks really count when the game is so large, the former Pakistan captain continued in a video published by

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