Waqar Younis remarks regarding the 2023 World Cup match between Pakistan and India go viral

Waqar Younis remarks regarding the 2023 World Cup match between Pakistan and India go viral. According to Waqar Younis, the game will be tense for both teams as they must manage the intense pressure brought on by the audience.

He predicted that it will be the biggest game ever. “So, when you play in Ahmedabad, which has one of the biggest and best stadiums in the world, you will have to control your nerves. Not only will India be under pressure because the crowd in the stadium will create pressure on both teams and that will balance the pressure in the game, but Pakistan will also be under pressure because it is a weaker team compared to India.

He predicted that the hitters would benefit from the Indian weather. “Since the World Cup is being held in India this year, it is a major event, and we are all aware of the pitch conditions, therefore I believe the bowler will have significant difficulty playing on these kind of fields. It will be extremely tough for them to preserve runs if the batters are set, he added, but they can rescue themselves to some extent if they can take some early wickets in the first 2-4 overs.

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The “Burewala Express” said that considering their excellent spinners and backup players, India is the strongest team in the game.

“If we only discuss checking off the boxes, then we will see that no other team can match India, even Pakistan or any other team will not match India at this time because India also has good spinners, not only the spinners who are currently playing in the starting XI, such as Kuldeep and Jadeja, but also they have a strong bench strength,” said the author. Because of their outstanding current form, the players on the bench cannot be ignored if they encounter any injuries, he stated.

Speaking of the Pakistani squad, he described Babar Azam‘s group as “miss and hit.” He continued by saying that Naseem Shah’s absence from the team will be felt.

“Naseem and Shaheen used to complement each other with new balls, so his absence will be a major setback. The new ball has always been a very key aspect for us throughout the years and in previous world cups as well. This is true not only for this world cup but also if you look at overall matches. We used to get some momentum for maintaining a better position in the game when we utilised the new ball to strike and take wickets. Naseem’s absence is a result.

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