With Myco’s watch, experience the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and earn money

With Myco’s watch, experience the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and earn money.The way viewers enjoy live sports and entertainment is being revolutionized by the international blockchain-backed video streaming company myco. Myco is prepared to elevate the viewing experience for the next ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 so that spectators actually become the champions.

Myco’s distinctive selling point is its dedication to sharing its advertising earnings with creators and, more importantly, its audience. Myco is a distinctive platform in the world of digital streaming thanks to this revolutionary Watch & Earn model, which has gained enormous appeal across the globe.

Myco isn’t simply providing free HD live streaming of the matches for this ICC World Cup; in fact, they will be actively monetized for consumption based on live match watch time on its web & app. There will be additional payouts, and myco will choose thousands of winners every day based on user participation and real-time gamification.

Myco stands out due to its user-friendly Simpaisa connection, which enables winners to withdraw their winnings immediately into local bank accounts and digital wallets in Pakistan.

Every game day will be a winning day thanks to myco’s Watch & Earn model, which is poised to transform how consumers interact with their favorite entertainment and sports.

Important aspects of myco

Giving Viewers Power

The remarkable catalog of over 350,000 videos on the streaming service myco includes movies, documentaries, and live sporting events. It is a one-stop shop for entertainment where viewers may earn money for watching ads-supported content.

Empowering those who make content

Myco, a platform for streaming videos, has created partnerships with more than 1,000 content producers, assisting them in their creative endeavors and providing them with a stage where they can shine. Myco offers monetisation that begins with the very first view and has no minimum criteria.

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