Zainab Abbas is charged by an Indian lawyer for tweeting "anti-Hindu" material

Zainab Abbas is charged by an Indian lawyer for tweeting “anti-Hindu” material. These tweets are allegedly filled with material that is “anti-Hindu” in nature. Zainab Abbas is currently in India working as a presenter for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which is noteworthy. Vineet Jindal asserted that Zainab Abbas’s now active X account, “ZAbbas Official,” which has since changed its username from “Zainablovesrk,” originally published these anti-Hindu tweets about nine years ago.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) chose Zainab Abbas to be the official presenter of the ICC Cricket World Cup, which makes this circumstance notable. Zainab Abbas has been working to highlight the “cultural similarities” between Pakistan and India, but now she is having to deal with lies from Indian internet trolls.

A legal complaint has been made against Pakistani sports broadcaster Zainab Abbas by Indian attorney Vineet Jindal, focussing on a number of old tweets that have resurfaced on X (previously Twitter). These tweets are being investigated for allegedly including material that is “anti-Hindu.”

Although India and Pakistan are neighbors, there aren’t many cultural interactions because of the two nations’ tense relations.


“There was always intrigue on what lies on the other side, more cultural similarities than differences, rivals on the field but camaraderie off the field, the same language and love for art and a country with a billion people, here to represent, to create content & bring in expertise from the best in the business,” Zainab said.

The presenter stated that she felt honored to perform as an ICC presenter once more during the World Cup in India.

“A journey away from home of 6 weeks starts now,” she stated. It is significant to note that despite this, India has not yet issued visas to Pakistani supporters and journalists.

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